Sinara Pipe Plant Coordinates Tourist Confrence

16 August 2012 (09:25)

Sinara Pipe Plant (a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) coordinated the traditional tourist conference, dubbed Friendship and dedicated to the memory of Boris Martyushev, the person who inspired and organized such conferences in the 1950s and the 1960s, the company’s press office states.

The event took place on the bank of the River Kamenka, near Novy Zavod. Over 350 people from 15 teams representing Sinara Pipe Plant and its associates as well as the other TMK plants: Orsk Machine-Building Plant and Seversky Pipe Plant and Ural Locomotives, a member of Sinara Group.

The team from Sinara Pipe Plant’s Administration, called The Adventourists, won in the end, having scored the most points in all kinds of contests held. Sinara Repairs Center’s team came second, and Energy, the team from Sinara Pipe Plant and Sinara Power Station’s power departments, came third.

Evgeny Seregin from Ural Locomotives was declared the best fisherman. The team of Sinara Pipe Plant won in the best bivouac, best photo stand, and the tug-of-war competitions.

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