Sinara Pipe Plant Upgrades Medical Unit

4 September 2012 (10:40)

Sinara Pipe Plant (a part of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK)) re-built and upgraded a branch of its medical unit in the pipe workers’ district of Kamensk-Uralsky. This was done within the framework of the company’s investment program, TMK’s press service reports.

The solemn opening ceremony was attended by Mayor of Kamensk-Uralsky Mikhail Astakhov, the eparch of the local diocese His Grace Sergiy, the Bishop of Kamensk-Uralsky and Alapayevsk, the Managing Director of Sinara Pipe Plant Sergey Chetverikov, the plant’s HR Director Vyacheslav Gagarinov, a representative of the company’s Veterans’ Council Galina Trapeznikova, and the local residents.

This socially important building was opened in 2009 and was meant for offering medical services to the plant’s veterans and retirees living in the district. The medical unit was supposed to offer affordable medical help to the veterans and retirees within the area of their residence.

The reconstruction and upgrades led to the building expanding from 130 sq m to 438 sq m; all the rooms were brought in compliance with the sanitary norms and regulations. The medical and treatment rooms and labs were fitted with modern equipment. Medical advice is available from a physician, an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, and a primary health worker. In the future, other types of doctors will probably start consulting patients, too. The clinical lab will handle the necessary tests and the treatment room specialists will offer the injections and vaccinations prescribed by doctors.

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