Oblkommunenergo: New Year Recess Goes Through Smoothly

10 January 2013 (09:27)

January 10, 2013. Oblkommunenergo reports that New Year break proved trouble-free for the local energy sector. All the electric power supply units and the communal housing services infrastructure operated by the company worked stably during the public holidays: all the local residents’ dwellings had both heat and electric power available, the company’s press secretary says.

This year’s break was much smoother than the previous year’s one. The launch of an on-call duty mode helped significantly to reduce the time spent on eliminating potential threats to the stable power supply. For one, heating power supply was restored within just hours of the accidents at Stroiteley Village in Artemovsky and in Pelym; the same is true of the broken boiler in Neivo-Rudyanka in Kirovgrad. All in all, 25 minor accidents occurred throughout the recess, says Head of Oblkommunenergo’s Dispatching Department Svetlana Antipina.

Over the ten-day break from work, the company’s high-voltage electric equipment failed nine times, so a backup power supply scheme was used every time. Things looked a bit more difficult in the case of the 0.4-kilowatt electric mains due to a considerable increase in the workload, especially just before New Year, but even in this case, no end users were left without their power supply. Antipina believes this was due to the stable and nearly windless weather with no great temperature fluctuations or blasts of wind.

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