Sverdlovsk Region: 30% of electric power supply below standard

20 January 2016 (12:48)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 20, 2016. Up to 30% of electric power supplied to Sverdlovsk Region-based end users do not meet the existing quality requirements, Head of Rosstandart’s local division Svetlana Mikheyeva announced at a press conference.

Under the current GOST 13109-97 standard, the electric power supply must stay within certain frequency and voltage range as well as within given (un)sinusoidality and voltage (un)balance parameters and show control over its voltage impulse and overload.

‘End users complain about the poor quality electric power supply a lot, while Sverdlovsk Region authorities are not always willing to help solve their apartments’ voltage problems. The case of a Yekaterinburg local who went all the way up to the constituency’s Power & Communal Housing Services Ministry and found no one to help her is particularly distressing. Rosstandart is currently looking into this,’ Mikheyeva said.

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