Sinara Pipe Plant Holds Professional Skills Contest for Young Electricians

21 December 2012 (09:22)

December 21, 2012. Sinara Pipe Plant (a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company) conducted a professional skills contest among the young electricians in charge of repairs and maintenance of the company’s electric equipment. The contest was part of the plant’s youth program, Pipe Metallurgical Company’s press service reports.

The contest program comprised three stages: proving one’s theoretical knowledge of the norms and regulations pertaining to labor protection, the knowledge of the Labor Code, and the knowledge of the collective agreement. The second, practical stage involved assembling and testing an electric circuit. Finally, the contestants’ creative potential was estimated on the basis of their presentations on why they love their profession.

In the end, the third prize was given to the contest’s only female participant Natalia Zelenina from the electric department; the second prize went to Alexei Samoilenko from Sinara power station; he also won in the creative tour and was given a special prize from Sinara Pipe Plant’s trade union. The first prize and the title of ‘Sinara Pipe Plant’s Best Electrician’ were awarded to Andrei Degtyarev from Sinara power station.

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