SinTZ coordinates professional skills contest for mill rollers and pipe-cutters

April 19, 2014. Sinara Pipe Plant (a member enterprise of Pipe Metallurgical Company) conducted a series of professional skills contest for the young mill rollers and pipe-cutters; this contest is part of the company’s multi-faceted personnel program and its Youth Project, Pipe Metallurgical Company’s press service reports.

11 people took part in the mill roller contest on the premises of Department T3, and 8 people took part in the pipe-cutter contest on the premises of Department T2. All the contestants were under 30 years old.

During the theory part of the contest, all the participants had to prove their expertise in the field of technological manuals and their working tools and to answer questions on the points of the Collective Agreement, on the basics of the Labor Law, and on the labor protection and industrial safety requirements.

The practical stage of the contest comprised an assessment of the young workers’ work skills. The mill rollers had to show their mastery of a mill and how they can control the technological process of rolling various kinds of pipes made from different kinds of steel. The pipe-cutters had to create bevels on the pipes, and the quality of their work was evaluated on an examination desk.

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