Gazprom Takes Interest in KBTM’s Produce

29 November 2012 (10:06)

November 29, 2012. A group of Gazrprom technical supervisors arrived in Omsk on a business trip in late November. The delegation visited OAO KBTM – a member of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation – in order to consider specific proposals as well as look at products and machinery produced by Omsk-based enterprises, the Corporation’s press service reports.

A specialized exhibition called Siberian Machine-Building for Gazrpom was coordinated at the regional ExpoCenter; KBTM presented its most promising developments there. Following a cursory and then a detailed tour of the exhibition, the delegation went to the premises of Transport Machine-Building Design Office (KBTM), where the company’s produce was presented to them.

The visitors were most interested in the range of bridge types offered by the office – a powered set of bridge mechanisms, the universal bridge-layer MTU-90M, and the heavy-duty mechanized bridge TMM-6 as well as Vulkan, a mini power station. Head of Gazprom delegation, the company’s Deputy Director for Natural Gas Transportation, Underground Storage, and Management Alexander Shaikhutdinov said about the latter that this was something to work with.

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