Sinara Pipe Plant Coordinates Panel Games Festival

29 November 2012 (10:04)

November 29, 2012. Sinara Pipe Plant (a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company) coordinated its traditional KVN, a festival of stand-up comedians’ teams. The event was a part of the company’s youth and healthcare programs, Pipe Metallurgical Company’s press officer reports.

The theme of ‘Once upon a time at a plant…’ provided for three types of contests: a team presentation, dubbing some movie extracts, and a musical performance that was prepared in advance.

The third prize went to the team from Sinara Repair & Technical Service Center called ‘We’re from the Center’. The second prize was given to the team from the Technical Control Center called ‘Why Not?’ And the winner was the team from Pipe-Drawing Shop 3 called ‘Urbanites’. Alexander Ivanov from the Technical Control Center was proclaimed Mr. KVN, while Igor Zinnurov was dubbed Miss KVN 2012 for his outstanding impersonation of a high school girl. Seven teams took part in the competition altogether.

All the prize-winners were given diplomas and memorable prizes with Sinara Pipe Plant and Pipe Metallurgical Company logos as well as gifts from the trade union and the sponsors.

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