Uralvagonzavod Already Meets Annual Railway Vehicle Output Target Figures

26 November 2012 (09:39)

November 26, 2012. Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s head office has already met the annual target figures for railway vehicles output: 24,830 units have been manufactured since the beginning of the year, Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service reports.

This means that the company has already met the annual plan adopted at the BOD meeting. 19,347 gondola cars of various types and 5,315 cisterns have been produced by now. The number of lumber vehicles rose to 168. All in all, these figures are 7.2% better than a year earlier. The company expects to produce 3,000 more vehicles by the end of 2012 and thus to set the record of 28,000 units.

The company was able to achieve such impressive results due to effective management, the highly productive performance of the vehicle-assembling and metallurgical teams, and a large-scale modernization program that has been implemented at Uralvagonzavod for the last few years. The upgrades involve nearly all the departments of the carriage-assembly and metallurgical production facilities that deal in the manufacturing of carriages. In terms of railway vehicles production, special attention is paid to the reliability and safety of molded pieces; in order to ensure these characteristics, quality-improvement measures are taken on a regular basis.

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