Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant to Supply Road Construction Vehicles to Byelorussia

22 November 2012 (10:36)

November 22, 2012. Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant will ship a large batch of road construction vehicles to Byelorussia before the end of November, UVZ Corporation’s press service reports.

Under the terms of the tender the company won, the plant is to ship 53 marsh-fit bulldozers to Byelorussia, including five tractor sets that will be assembled in Minsk.

Chelyabinsk-produced vehicles will be used for melioration in all parts of the country. Russia’s CIS neighbors managed to retain this industry, but their fleet of tractor vehicles dates back to the Soviet times and needs to be replaced.

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant bulldozers will complement the melioration enterprises’ fleets; the representatives of these Byelorussian companies recently paid a visit to Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant and got acquainted with the full cycle of their production.

The after-sales and maintenance services will be offered to customers by the plant’s Minsk-based dealer.

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