Uralvagonzavod Opens New Cafeteria

19 November 2012 (10:10)

November 17, 2012. A new cafeteria fit for sixty people opened at Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s head plant recently. The project cost about 20m RUR to complete; the reconstruction of the canteen helped both to improve the quality of food serve and to make the cooks and janitors’ work easier, the corporation’s press service reports.

The overhaul included replacing the main structures, plumbing and ventilations fixtures, and the electric power supply devices that are located in the cafeteria. Under the new sanitary norms and regulations, the area of the food court was reduced by nearly 20%, and now visitors to the cafeteria can enjoy an up-to-date room with plastic window frames, new furniture, new silverware, and new plates and things.

The company also invested in the newest available equipment such as the dough-making machine, the vegetable slicer, the vegetable-mashing machine, the electric pan for making pies, the steam convection oven, and some electric stoves. Also, the dishwashing job got much easier as some new dishwashing machines with a short, 2-3-minute washing cycle, were installed. Finally, a new serving conveyor belt has been introduced in the cafeteria.

Now that the reconstruction has been complete, the canteen can serve customers in three shifts, during the two of which hot meals are offered, and a deli bar operates during the third one. Over 500 people a day can have lunch there. Most of these people are the employees of the foundry shop and the nearby departments.

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