Uralvagonzavod Opens New Company-Style Cafeteria

March 01, 2013. A new cafeteria fit for 160 people was re-launched at Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation after a major overhaul today. This is the corporation’s head plant’s first canteen whose design is totally consistent with the company style, the corporation’s press service reports.

Uralvagonzavod’s catering facility is currently the largest one in Nizhniy Tagil. It comprises 39 canteens, 3 cafeterias, 14 deli bars, and Metallurg grocery shop that is also located on the plant’s premises. Eight canteens are currently being repaired: the buildings are being reconstructed, and some up-to-date equipment is being installed. This will result not only in better working conditions for the catering workers but also in the considerably enhanced quality of food served, the press service’s report states.

What is more, the overhauls of the canteen proved one of the largest projects aimed at renovating the plant’s catering facilities. Upgrades involved not only the dining area, which is now done in the company orange, black, beige, and white colors, but the food-cooking areas as well.

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