Transport Machine-Building Design Office’s Sales Double

October 25, 2012. The sales output of Transport Machine-Building Design Office (an Omsk-based member of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) came to 1.77bn RUR in the nine months of 2012, which is 2.2 times better than a year earlier, Uralvagonzavod’s press service reports.

Special attention is paid to the foundry department’s produce this year, namely, to goods cast from carbon- and manganese-bearing materials.

The office is effectively implementing its metallurgical production facilities modernization program: the third steel-smelting furnace has recently been launched; then, some new, up-to-date, and effective technologies are introduced continuously, which has already yielded good results and allowed the company to increase its cast goods output.

What is more, the office received a certificate of compliance for its yokes: once the company has mastered their production, the output of goods needed for railway carriage manufacturing increased considerably.

As for the company’s export contracts, the target figures for 2012 have almost been met.

The company pays special attention to the quality of its personnel. In the nine months of this year, 922 new staff have been taken on, which is 2% more than in the entire year 2011. Out of these, 667 new employees are blue-collar workers; another positive trend is that 59% of all the newly hired are in the under-35 age group.

The average month’s pay came to 20,089.1 RUR in September 2012, which is 30% higher than in December 2011.

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