Yekaterinburg Comes 11th in Google’s Russian Roads Rating

Google and launched a project called Russian Roads, where web users can evaluate the condition of roads in 22 Russian cities using their Android-based mobile devices. Yekaterinburg happened to be in the middle of the list and came 11th in the rating, Google’s official blog states.

In the six months of 2012, users evaluated 103,100 km of Russian roads, which comes to a tenth of all the roads in the country. The average score for the quality of roads in cities is 2.8 on a scale of one to five. Not a single city got a score lower than 2 points and not a single city got a score higher than 4 points. Web users believe Moscow (3.67), Ulyanovsk (3.32), and Saint Petersburg (3.25) have the best roads, while Voronezh (2.52), Chelyabinsk (2.64), and Saratov (2.67) have the worst roads. The quality of roads in Yekaterinburg was estimated at 2.8 points.

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