Sverdlovsk Region has over 1,000 km of unkempt roads

August 27, 2013. There are currently 1,122 km worth of abandoned roads in Sverdlovsk Region towns. These roads will soon come to be owned by the local towns, so a list of such objects is being compiled at the moment, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Department reports.

The region’s Transport Minister Alexander Sidorenko says that since these roads are not on the municipal property list, no money is allocated for its repairs or maintenance from Sverdlovsk Region Finance Ministry, so registering these roads officially could ensure more revenues into the local budget.

‘The length of the local highways that belong to the local authorities will determine the size of quotas offered through a certain percentage off petrol and diesel fuel excise duties that are imposed on fuel for engines produced in Russian Federation,’ the Minister said.

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