Illegitimate Apartment Block Pulled Down in Yekaterinburg

13 September 2012 (10:04)

On September 12, an illegitimately built multi-storey apartment building was pulled down in Yekaterinburg. The city council and Ordzhonikidzevsky Department of Court Bailiffs supervised the dismantling jobs at 115 Botkinskaya St.

Earlier on, the pull-down jobs were stopped after Yekaterinburg Ordzhonikidzevsky District court ruled on April 27, 2011 that the implementation of its decrees could be postponed.

The building was pulled down following the decision of Ordzhonikidzevsky District court on the claim laid by Yekaterinburg Municipal Council and Ordzhonikidzevsky District public prosecution authorities on the future of an unauthorized dwelling put up by two Chinese citizens U Venge and Gu Fuy.

Given that the culprits refused to comply with the court’s ruling voluntarily, the building was pulled down compulsorily. Later on, the defendants will have to pay for the expenses incurred during demolition.

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