If Aston loses permit, their building is to be classed as unauthorized construction, Intellect C claims

‘If a builder does not have the necessary construction permits, its buildings will be classed as unauthorized construction and will have to be pulled down,’ explains Roman Rechkin, Legal Issues Director of Intellect-C Legal Security Agency.

In the meantime, Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities insist on freezing the illegal construction process that involves Aston’s apartment building in Radischev and Gurzufskaya St. in Yekaterinburg. For one, the authorities had to react to the local residents’ numerous complaints and conduct an investigation that revealed that this high-rise building would block all the sunshine from the nearby apartment block, which infringes on the dwellers’ natural right to nice environment.

Apart from that, the developer operates on the basis of the permit issued by Yekaterinburg’s municipal council.

However, the regional experts report Aston’s design documentation and engineering survey reports do not meet the legal requirements and have to be improved on.
As a result, the public prosecution authorities protest against the illegal construction permit and have already taken legal action against Aston’s top executive, the spokesperson for the authorities says to UrBC.

Roman Rechkin believes that Aston’s building will be classed as unauthorized construction, should the developer lose its permit.

‘The building will therefore have to be pulled down or the construction will have to stop until Aston gets all the proper permits,’ he notes.

Aston’s official deadline for the commissioning of the building was initially determined as the third quarter of 2008.

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