Ural Locomotives Keep Working on Desiro RUS Production Facility

10 September 2012 (11:22)

OOO Ural Locomotives has put up the first framework connecting the two supporting pillars of the would-be department meant for the production of Desiro RUS (Lastochka) electric trains. This means the construction of the main structure for the new production facility has begun, Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service reports.

Builders will have to put up nearly 9,500 tons of metal frameworks and to assemble the wall panels in the second half of September so as to finish the main structure by the end of the year.

A former warehouse is being reconstructed at the same time: it will house the shop for the assembly and welding of the train bodies. Some roof-lights have already been made in the warehouse: these are Norwegian polycarbonate inserts in the roof that will provide additional sunlight; also, the roof has been repaired, a storm drain has been built, and the assembly of the window panes has started. Also, the builders are working on the floor base and on the foundations for the HAGEMATIC milling units meant for the treatment of large parts of the future electric trains’ bodies. On September 15, some inserts will be delivered that will be used as the basis for the assembly of the equipment.

‘By April 2013, the main production structure must be ready for the assembly of the first portion of technological equipment. The assembly of the first train bodies will also begin then. As soon as 2014, we intend to manufacture six five-carriage modifications of Desiro RUS trains and to get them certified, and in 2015, trains will be delivered to Russian Railways,’ says Ural Locomotives Director-General Alexander Saltayev.

According to the contract, the plant is to make 1,200 own-produced carriages in 2015-2020.

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