Ural Locomotives Designs New Desiro RUS Makes

8 February 2012 (10:20)

The designers of Sinara Group’s Ural Locomotives and their Siemens AG counterparts are now developing a DC electric train, the ES2G Series Siemens Sinara City Express. The technical design specification was provided by the Russian Rail, while Desiro RUS (Lastochka) electric train that is now being developed for the Sochi Olympics will be used as the model for the new make.

The Ural variety of the train will have a number of new technical characteristics, which is why a lot of additional designers’ work and implementation of new engineering solutions will be necessary. The Russian and the German designers are working in close cooperation, and every two months, the representatives of the Russian Rail, Ural Locomotives, and Siemens AG meet to discuss the design, production, certification, operation and maintenance, and life cycle calculation of the electric trains. The train’s rough design is expected to be ready by April, the engineering design will probably be ready in the fall of 2012, and the entire project documentation file that will be handed over to technicians and producers in several installments will be ready by September 2013.

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