Accidents Caused by Unsatisfactory Production Organization, Industry & Science Ministry Says

24 August 2012 (09:52)

In the first half of the year, 57 people were killed and 153 people were injured at Sverdlovsk Region-based enterprises, plus twenty group accidents at work were registered, Deputy Minister for Industry & Science of Sverdlovsk Region Valery Turlayev said in the course of a seminar on Production Safety in Nizhniy Tagil on August 23.

‘The unsatisfactory organization of the production jobs is still the main cause of accidents, followed by violation of the traffic rules and other factors. Most often, people are killed when they fall from heights; the second most common reason is collisions with moving objects and traffic accidents,’ Turlayev explained.

‘We have looked into these production accidents and detected a number of prevailing causes: the violations of the shifts system, the workers’ poor motivation to comply with the safety rules, failure to observe the standardized procedures in the production process, and the under-training of the lower working level staff,’ said head of the EVRAZ VGOK Industrial Safety Enhancement Project Alexei Medvedev.

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