Yekaterinburg Might Get Two-Level Subway

15 August 2012 (09:30)

UZPZ Metro’s designers started elaborating the project for the second line of Yekaterinburg subway, the city council’s press service reports.

Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg for Capital Construction & Land Use Sergey Myamin held a meeting dedicated to plans for building the second line of Yekaterinburg subway on August 14. Director of UZPS Metro Vladimir Kagilev said the city officials would have to make a decision about the type of the would-be running tunnels very soon. At the moment, there is a choice from three options: the classical one, with two one-way tunnels with the diameter of 5m each (and with station platforms located between the two tunnels going in the opposite directions). This is the very option that is used in the city at the moment. The other option is a single 9m tunnel with two railways going into the opposite direction that are located next to one another, with station platforms on both sides. This option is now used in Saint Petersburg. Finally, there can be a single 20m tunnel, where trains go in the opposite directions above one another. This technological solution was implemented in Barcelona, for example. It is this solution that experts believe will suit Yekaterinburg best of all.

In addition to multiple technological benefits, the beauty of this option is its cost. As the stations are located directly in the tunnel section, there is no need for additional building jobs, which saves at least 10%. What is more, this organization of space allows for an improved layout of the subway infrastructure.

The management of the trains was another point on the agenda of the meeting. For one, experts are now considering the fully and partially automated control options.

The definite answers to today’s questions will be given in the process of draft designing that will start as soon as the tender for the service has been coordinated. According to Vladimir Kagilev, this should happen any day now.

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