Russian Railways’ Ferrous Metals Shipments Drop 0.9% since January 1

13 August 2012 (09:19)

The amount of ferrous metals shipments at Russian Railways network has gone down by 0.9% in the seven months of 2012 compared with the seven month of 2011 and reached 53.6m tons.

All in all, the domestic shipments of ferrous metals around Russia declined by 3.7% in January-July 2012, and came to 29.5m tons.

The international shipments rose by 2.8% and came to 24.1m tons; this included seaport shipments (up 0.3%, 14.1m tons) and border-crossing point shipments (up 6.7%, 9.98m tons). However, import shipments decreased by 16.4%, down to 4.1m tons, while export shipments rose by 6.9%, up to 18.8m tons; transit shipments amounted to 1.199m tons, Interfax reports.

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