Uralvagonzavod Nominated Best Backbone Enterprise

8 August 2012 (09:12)

The main enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Scientific Production Corporation was declared the Best Backbone Enterprise. The plant won in the municipal contest held on the 290th anniversary of the town of Nizhniy Tagil, the corporation’s press service reports.

The contestants were evaluated along five criteria: their involvement in the program called Beautiful Streets & Clean Backyards for Our Home Town, their socioeconomic development, the situation around the social/labor relations, their efforts in the field of working with the local youth, and the sanitary condition of the premises. Uralvagonzavod got ‘Excellent’ for most of these factors.

Thanks to Uralvagonzavod’s funding, the 2012 reconstruction program included I.V. Okunev Palace of Culture, a stadium, a gym, Ice Sports Palace, Pine Mountains health and recreation resort, a ski resort, Water Sports Palace, Glory Square, and much else besides. The enterprise also allocated 500,000 RUR for the repairs of the gym at the local Children’s Arts & Crafts Palace.

The company can afford to invest in the social aspects due to its great production development level. The enterprise keeps upgrading its machinery, launching new technologies, and mastering new kinds of produce. The company invested nearly 255m RUR into the introduction of new technologies in the first half of 2012 alone. Among the new products are some road-construction and special purpose vehicles and carriages.

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