Uralvagonzavod Holds Person of the Year Contest

December 19, 2012. Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation held the final tour of the Person of the Year competition. ‘All in all, over 40 people took part in the contest, and the best ten candidates made it to the final tour,’ the corporation’s press service reports.

Throughout the year, Uralvagonzavod kept on supporting the region-wide project dubbed ‘Glory to the Man of Labor!’ In 2012, 132 professional skills contests in 42 categories were held. Some 1,300 Uralvagonzavod employees, all of them under 35, took part in the events. The corporation’s management says these contests are a very important factor in enhancing the prestige of blue-collar jobs. The contest called ‘Man of Labor’ is just as significant: its participants proved that they are both brilliant professionals but also gifted people.

The contest comprised several stages: the historic, the intellectual, the sportive, and the production ones. What is more, in their free time the young contestants did some choreography, sports, singing, and acting in order to prepare their performances for the final show. These performances included sports shows, stand-up comedy, folk spoon-playing, ballad-singing, and energetic songs about circuses and childhood, as well as acting out of dialogues from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, a funny pantomime, and a spectacular play scene. Every participants was accompanied by a group of children from the Palace of Culture youth clubs. The contest’s slogan was ‘Children are Uralvagonzavod’s Future!’

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