Uralvagonzavod Invests 680m RUR in Labor Protection in 2012

1 February 2013 (12:19)

February 1, 2013. Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation met its labor protection plan for the head plant by 100%. This cost the company about 680m RUR, Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service reports.

Last year, 42 measures were taken to improve the plant employees’ working conditions. For one, the impact of the primary culprits was reduced, namely, that of noise, vibration, and fumes and dust contamination. As a result, the work places of several thousand employees were improved. The dust levels dropped for nearly 3,500 workers and vibrations were decreased for 250 staff members. The working conditions of over 900 people grew safer.

It is reported that this impressive result was due to the use of advanced technologies. The introduction of up-to-date machinery took place at many of the corporation’s divisions. For one, the experimental carriage-building department was fitted with the mobile mechanical self-cleaning PMSF-1 filters with KUA-M exhaust system. Sibilia S10/E vacuum system was installed at Foundry Shop 8 molding section. Finally, the major components department’s welding sections were fitted with the local vacuum systems ЕМК-1600 and the wheel-pair department benefitted from the Karcher HDS 695 scrubbing unit that was used for removing oil residue from walls and the floor.

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