Yekaterinburg to Switch to Closed Heat Supply System by 2018

Yekaterinburg is planning to switch to a closed heat supply system by 2018; this is an experimental project at the moment.

Sverdlovsk Region Ministry for Energy & Communal Housing Services held a work team meeting dedicated to the development of programs aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency of Yekaterinburg’s heat supply system. In addition to the representatives of the most interested parties (the city’s main heat supplier IES and the city council), the meeting was also attended by Russia’s Deputy Energy Minister Alexander Dybov and the German-Russian energy concern RUDEA’s Director-General Mikhail Prokudin.

In the meeting participants’ unanimous opinion, switching to the closed heat supply system result not only in the greater dependability of the city’s heat supply but also in the better quality of drinking and manufacturing water and water discharge that will meet the existing requirements.

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