Ural Airlines’ Passenger Turnover Goes up 66% in 2012

24 May 2012 (09:51)

Ural Airlines came up with a performance report for April 2012. The company flew 254,337 passengers last month, which was 61% more than in April 2011. All in all, 838,122 people have flown with the air carrier since the beginning of the year.

In April 2012, Ural Airlines operated 2,044 flights, including 793 international flights, 782 domestic flights, and 469 flights to destinations in CIS member states.

The actual passenger turnover came to 701,437 passenger-kilometers in April 2012, which was a 71% improvement on a year earlier.

All in all, Ural Airlines have operated 7,189 flights since the start of the year, including 2,625 international flights, 2,917 domestic flights, and 1,647 flights around the CIS member states. The air carrier’s passenger traffic rose by 66% in the four months of 2012.

Most passengers (377,848) flew internationally. 295,349 people used the company’s domestic flights, and 164,925 people flew around the CIS.

Ural Airlines’ total passenger turnover came to 2,311,736 passenger-kilometers in the four months of 2012.

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