Ural Airlines Passenger Traffic Grows 24% in March

17 April 2013 (09:08)

April 17, 2013. Ural Airlines came up with a performance report for March 2013. The company offered its services to 729,999 passengers in January-March 2013 and operated 6,399 flights, including 1,857 international flights, 2,988 domestic flights, and 1,554 flights around the CIS. Ural Airlines’ passenger traffic rose by 25% in the three months of 2013 compared with the first quarter of 2012. The passenger turnover came to 1,967,339,000 passenger-kilometers in Jnauary-March 2013, the airline’s press service reports.

In March 2013, Ural Airlines’ passenger traffic increased by 24% against a year earlier. Last month, the air carrier operated 2,292 flights (a 24% increase on the previous year), including 690 international flights, 1,001 domestic flights, and 601 flights around the CIS member states. In March 2013, 265,356 people flew with the company. The factual passenger turnover reached 721,861,000 passenger-kilometers, which is 21% better than in March 2012.

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