Salut’s Claims on Good Trends for Movie Theaters Look Dubious, RAO Says

22 February 2012 (09:15)

The press service of Russian Authors Society (RAO) reports Sverdlovsk Region Court rejected the complaint placed by Salut Movie Theater on Yekaterinburg’s Leninsky District Court’s ruling regarding the payment of royalties to foreign composers.

‘Given the decision taken by the court, Salut representatives’ comments on how RAO allegedly misinforms the public about the position movie theaters take in court disputes and on how courts tend to support these movie theaters in their judgment look unconvincing,’ RAO reports.

In 2011, two claims RAO placed against movie theaters were left unheard for procedural reasons. At the moment, the court’s ruling regarding these claims were appealed against, and one of them was lifted by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, while the second ruling will be looked into at the end of February 2012.

‘The number of movie theaters complying with the norms of the current legislation is growing year by year, so, considering the fact that RAO never aimed to get the royalties from them through court procedures only, we can happily state that disputable issues now tend to be settled through negotiating. In fact, quite a few court clashes end in a settlement agreement,’ says RAO’s plenipotentiary representative in Ural Federal District and Perm Territory Alexei Zvonarev.

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