Linartico tries to challenge legitimacy of Logopark Pyshma creditor meeting in court

25 March 2014 (14:44)

March 25, 2014. One of Logopark Pyshma's creditors, Linartico, appealed to Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court, asking to declare the general creditor meeting and its results illegitimate, the court's papers state.

The company representatives also ask that Logopark Pyshma's trustee in bankruptcy postpone the first creditor meeting till after the court makes a ruling on all the creditors' claims submitted within the time limit provided.

Now Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court declared Logopark Pyshma insolvent on November 25, 2013; the insolvency claim was submitted by AMT-Bank (the company owes this creditor 2.02bn RUR).

The management of the company did not agree with this and directed an appeal to the 17th Court of Arbitration & Appeals. The applicant said, among other things, that Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court had not taken into account the debtors' argument about not showing any signs of insolvency. Yet the 17th Court of Arbitration & Appeals dismissed this appeal and supported the ruling of the lower-instance court. Following this, the management of Logopark Pyshma submitted a writ of appeal to Ural Federal District Arbitration Court.

However, this instance dismissed the claim as well and supported the ruling of the 17th Court of Arbitration & Appeals.

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