ChTPZ Group Signs Contract with Daewoo International Corporation Textile Division

ChTPZ and Daewoo International Corporation Textile Division signed a contract for the delivery of several tens of thousands of sets of modern, comfortable, and nice-looking workwear for the workers of its ‘white metallurgy’ divisionsVysota 239, the finishing center, Iron Ozone 32, and other departments of Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. The delivery is to be made by December 2011, ChTPZ press service reports.

The Korean experts visited the two plants the other day; they said they were impressed by the clean and smart-looking premises and got quite a few extra ideas as to how to make the workers’ clothes even more comfortable and suitable for working. Assistant to the head of Daewoo International Corp Wang Cheng Te and deputy head of J-pack Trading Co Hwang Sun Bee said at the end of their visit to ChTPZ Group’s pipe-making plants’ premises that the working conditions, the peculiar nature of the work, the modern production facilities and other characteristics of ‘white metallurgy’ would all be reflected in the design of workwear.

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