ChTPZ Group joins Metal Expo in Moscow

13 November 2014 (09:17)

November 13, 2014. ChTPZ Group is taking part in the 20th International Industrial Exhibition Metal Expo at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow on November 11-14; the company’s stand, 1D14, can be found at Pavilion 75, the Group’s press service informs.

This year, the main function of the stand is to introduce the company’s customers and partners and other market players with a new standard in metallurgical production, the so-called White Metallurgy; it is also important to represent the Group’s mission and values.

‘The philosophy behind the concept of White Metallurgy results from the completion of ChTPZ Group’s major investment projects, namely, Vysota 239 (an LDP manufacturing department), Iron Ozone 32 (a steel-smelting facility), and our Finishing Center. These projects proved a breakthrough in the metallurgical industry and laid the foundation for ChTPZ corporate culture and production system that later came to be called White Metallurgy. The idea is the makeover of one’s personality, one’s working environment, the company’s production space, and society at large. White Metallurgy changes the way we think about work and workers’ appearance, sets new training standards and gives one a new mindset, calls for production automation, more comfortable workplaces and beautiful work premises and thus transforms the working environment and production space. In sharing the ideas of White Metallurgy, we take care of the environment, support social and charity projects and, as a result, the things and people around us change,’ says ChTPZ Group’s Director-General Vitaly Sadykov.

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