Yekaterinburg Central Stadium to Open after Reconstruction

A solemn opening ceremony will take place at Yekaterinburg Central Stadium at 6 o’clock today; this event is part of the City Day celebrations. The agenda of the celebrations covers an official ceremony, Ural-Khimki football match, some track-and-field competitions with Central Stadium trophies as prizes (male and female relay races, an 800-meter race, and a Generation Relay Race with Olympic prize winners participating), and an entertainment program with games and surprises, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

For the first time in history, the FIFA anthem will be performed on the arena of the stadium to set the record for Russia’s Book of Records and the Guinness Book of Records. Musicians from fifty-one orchestras of Central Military District will take part in the grandiose show, with the total number of performers in the military brass band coming to seven hundred people. Orchestras from forty-six Russian cities arrived to take part in the solemn opening ceremony of the Central Stadium, and forty-one conductors will make sure the performance of the orchestra is well-synchronized.

Russia’s Book of Records’ Editor-in-Chief and the Guinness Book of Records representative Alexei Svistunov, who will be at one of the stands, will register Russia’s record for the performance of the FIFA anthem by the greatest number of people. The show will then continue with a musical ‘dialogue’ of the orchestras.

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