Yekaterinburg can meet FIFA requirements, Sergey Shvindt says

23 April 2012 (13:33)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 20, 2012. First Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg Sergey Shvindt took part in a meeting dedicated to the FIFA delegation and the World Cup 2018 Russian coordination committee representatives’ visit to Yekaterinburg on May 14.

The inspecting parties will take a look at the number of buildings and facilities that are crucial to hosting the championship as well as see a presentation on what the Urals’ capital will look like by 2018. As the event’s most important facility, Central Stadium, currently belongs to Sinara Group, the company will be directly involved in both creating the presentation and preparing for the World Cup 2018. What is more, UMMC, whose Urals’ Guards project is to be located very close to Central Stadium, will join both projects as well.

‘We looked into a number of issues related to getting ready for the FIFA representatives’ visit. A presentation is being prepared that will explain how a number of tasks will be solved. Firstly, the stadium needs to be increased so as to fit 44,000 people, this is one of the FIFA’s requirements. Another requirement is to provide the site with the area of at least 18,000 hectares. We have considered the allotment that could be based right next to Central Stadium today. Thirdly, there is the issue of the transportation network around the stadium. We are now positive that we can meet all of the FIFA’s requirements, which means we can present these tasks during the delegation’s visit. So we now need to work on the presentation itself. If Yekaterinburg gets chosen as one of the hosting cities for the event, all the tasks will have been completed by 2017,’ Shvindt said.

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