Authorities Disclose Housing Services Company’s Offenses

11 July 2011 (10:17)

Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities came up with a legal evaluation of the fact that the owners of a number of apartments in certain apartment buildings in Yekaterinburg had been billed for housing services by several communal housing services companies at the same time.

For one, the authorities of Yekaterinburg Oktyabrsky district found out that the management company Zhilcom committed some legal offenses in its housing funds management activities.

The management company started running the housing blocks in Oktyabsky district in 2010, following a tender carried out by a local self-governing body. However, a recent inspection revealed that the company currently has agreements only with the electric power suppliers, while the bills charge the inhabitants of the dwellings for a full set of communal housing services. This is why the director of Zhilcom has been officially warned by the prosecutor of Oktyabrsky district.

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