Sverdlovsk Region: Unpaid Housing Bills Amount to RUR 25.5bn

18 September 2017 (13:13)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 18, 2017. Sverdlovsk Region-based end users and communal housing services providers owed utilities suppliers RUR 25.5bn (including RUR 1bn worth of bad debt) by the end of June 2017, Sverdlovskstat reports.

At the same time, end users did pay RUR 41.5bn (95.5% of all bill amounts) in January to June 2017. This means there was an average of RUR 2,294.6 worth of housing services per user a month.

According to Sverdlovskstat, their statistical data involve 2,296 communal housing services providers. These companies made RUR 73.3bn in terms of profit in January-June 2017, of which RUR 13.3bn (18.1%) stemmed from housing services and RUR 60bn (81.9%) stemmed from communal services.

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