Kurganmashzavod might not deliver combat vehicles

This Kurgan Region-based enterprise might not be able to deliver a number of upgraded combat vehicles, which the Russian airborne troops are now switching to, to the army due to financial reasons, head of troops Vladimir Shamanov told RIA Novosti.

According to this military official, the rearmament of the troops is being carried out in strict accordance with the set regulations.

First of all, this involves upgrades of our BMD-1 (combat vehicles 1), BMD-2, and Nonnas, the self-propelled guns, through automation,’ the General said.

However, the problem relating to fulfilling the state defense order for the year 2011 is still unresolved in terms of ten BMD-4M vehicles and ten BMD-4M-based unified armored trucks.

The thing is, Kurganmashzavod did not actually promise to produce the vehicles in question. The enterprise’s financial condition looks unsettling at the moment, so no one can be completely certain that, should the money be provided, the order will actually be fulfilled,’ Vladimir Shamanov said.

The General added that they were currently negotiating with the enterprise and that he was hoping to achieve an agreement very soon, that is, in one or two weeks.

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