Sverdlovsk Region: Pass Control on May 1-10

24 April 2020 (09:20)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 24, 2020. Sverdlovsk Region will switch to pass control mode during the May break because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vice Governor Pavel Krekov announced at a briefing in Yekaterinburg on April 23.

‘I can confirm with confidence that we will have pass control in place. It’s crucial for the area to spend these ten days in total self-isolation,’ he said.

Krekov said the specific of the pass control mode would be elaborated later, but in whichever case, no one will prevent the locals from visiting their own dachas.

Now Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev said during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that a pass control system was a possibility.

‘We are considering the option of introducing pass control for May break, when people will be staying at home, the Kremlin’s website quotes Kuivashev as saying.

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