Abagursky branch of Evrazruda sets up external acceptance sector

15 August 2006 (12:50)

Abagursky branch of Evrazruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) has set up an external acceptance sector at the quality control department. The sector is to carry out inspection quality testing of raw materials and fuel received from the outside suppliers. The coke breeze used in the course of the sintered ore production has to pass the ash level test, the dampness test and the granule composition test. Crusher balls employed in ore reduction should pass the fastness test. The reduced fuel oil consumed by the factory is to pass the temper test.

If the raw materials fail to meet the supplier’s treaty commitments, the supplier is submitted a claim assuming a considerable price reduction or a revocation of acceptance.

The tightening of the inward raw materials control is to improve the quality of the factory production, reduce its prime cost and decrease material consumption.

Abagursky branch receives about 20,000 tons of coke breeze, 2,000 tons of reduced fuel oil and over 500 tons of crusher balls monthly. The information was reported by PR-department of Evrazruda JSC.

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