Sverdlovsk Region: 8 Clinics Quarantined Due to Covid-19

23 April 2020 (09:15)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April, 23, 2020. Eight clinics in Sverdlovsk Region went in lockdown because of patients and medical professionals testing positive for COVID-19, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev announced via his Instagram account.

The following clinics in Yekaterinburg have been quarantined: Ural Cardiology Institute, Novaya Bolnitsa, Clinic 1, Clinic 40, Clinic 20, and Clinic 14. Additionally, a number of patients and medical professionals have tested positive for COVID-19 at Krasnoufimsk district clinic and Bogdanovich Central Hospital.

According to the Governor, around 80% of those tested positive did not show any symptoms.

As of April 22, 2020, 243 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Sverdlovsk Region. 13 patients are in critical condition. 5 patients have checked out of hospitals in the last twenty-four hours and 65 people have checked out all in all. There has been one official COVID-19 death.

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