MMK builds on ties with Renault-Nissan

20 April 2011 (18:21)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region, April 20, 2011. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) was tested by a group of experts from Renault-Nissan recently; the object of the inspection was the company’s quality management system.

The experts spent two days meeting MMK management and qualified employees as well as visiting the production departments in charge of making automobile body sheets, namely, sheet-rolling shop 5 and the coating department. The experts looked into how well the company’s quality management system meets the ASAS-P standards, those of the unified assessment system of the car alliance’s suppliers. Starting this April, these standards were also adopted by AvtoVaz. According to Renault-Nissan supplier quality expert Nikolai Koreshkov, all the car manufacturers that joined the alliance have access to this unified assessment system.

At the closing meeting, Koreshkov spoke of the company’s great quality management system. He said the system requirements, based on ISO/TU 16949, meet most of the car alliance’s additional provisos. According to MMK PR Department, Koreshkov pointed to the high quality production organization, computerized control and smooth interdepartmental data exchange as the company’s strong points.

Now one of MMK’s strategic goals is making the company Russia’s leading metal goods supplier for the automobile industry. To achieve this, MMK is putting up its new cold roll Mill 2000 and keeps working on getting its products approved by the world’s leading automakers, including the Renault-Nissan alliance.

Early in March, MMK underwent a technical audit carried out by a group of experts from Renault-Nissan, Avtovaz, and Moscow-based Avtoframos that makes Renault cars. The experts examined virtually the entire metal goods production technological chain, namely, the oxygen converter shop, sheet-rolling shops 10 and 5, and the coating department with its lab. Before this, the company was last audited in the fall of 2009. All these events were targeted at assessing MMK’s readiness to make automobile body sheets that would suit Renault-Nissan.

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