Radisson SAS shopping space decreased to 3,000 sq m

7 April 2011 (09:41)

Yekaterinburg City Planning Board reports the design of Radisson SAS hotel has been modified recently, Uralsky Rabochy says.

For one, the shopping area has been reduced down to 3,000 sq m. The idea behind the reduction was to make sure customers don’t come there en masse, causing parking problems.

It was also decided to build a separate entrance to the office section in Krasnoarmeyskaya St.

The new skyscraper hotel is to appear at the intersection of Malyshev St and Krasoarmeyskaya St. The developer, Atomstroycomplex, has already announced that the construction should be complete by the end of 2013. The jobs haven’t started yet, even though the construction site has already been protected by a fence.

The City Planning Board also suggested that the upper parts of the building have to be worked on more thoroughly, with the help of computer modeling; it would also be good to think over the transport links around the skyscraper and transfer the backyard of the Bolshoy Ural Hotel into a nice-looking pedestrian area, the newspaper adds.

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