City council considers Radisson SAS

3 November 2010 (11:57)

The project of the Radisson SAS Hotel has been considered by Yekaterinburg city development council recently.

The forty-eight-storey building will supposedly be located at the intersection of Malyshev St and Krasnoarmeyskaya St.

The land allotment is actually situated in the backyard of Bolshoy Ural, an already existing hotel. This allotment was offered to the developers on the same day the one for the Park Inn Hotel was provided. However, the latter has been operating for a quite a while already, whereas things haven’t been progressing with the Radisson SAS Hotel for a number of reasons, Uralskiy Rabochiy says.

The city development council members observed the land allotment in question looked suitable since a big building there would counterbalance the pressure exerted on this part of the city by the half-finished third extension to Antey Business Center. They also commented on the architectural expressiveness of the project designed by Valeriy Garanin. The architect wanted the building to match the scale of the other structures in Malyshev St, so he chose to split the façade in several parts, with each part facing the horizontal and vertical axes under a different angle; besides, the office block is to look like a multi-level cascade of alternating floors.

It was observed that these features could actually be played down, otherwise the hotel might make the minimalist-style Antey look unimpressive by comparison, which would produce a lack of harmony in the urban landscape.

It was also suggested that the forty-eight-storey tower, composed of a thirteen-storey hotel and some apartments above, should be shifted in such a way as not to block the view of Antey Business Center for an observer situated in Malyshev St.

The city development council members did not all like the idea of locating a shopping mall in the stylobate area. Some of them felt that it would be a good idea to mix up the areas meant to serve different purposes, whereas others insisted the district was full of shopping malls as it was and there was no need to attract more people there and make the traffic situation even worse.

Everyone agreed, however, that a four-level underground parking lot fit for 500 cars was not enough to solve the problem. A lot of further work needed to be done on the transportation schemes still.

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