Ural Chamber of Commerce & Industry: more Japan-related damage claims to come forth

Ural Chamber of Commerce & Industry came up with the first report on the outcomes of the emergencies caused in the Urals’ business life by the catastrophe in Japan.

According to the Chamber’s Legal Issues Director Georgy Topolyan, a Yekaterinburg-based company that used to deliver machinery from Japan placed its claim with the chamber in mid-March.

The chamber’s analysts now expect the number of claims from the local entrepreneurs affected by the Japanese disaster to go up.

‘The Urals’ businesses have been cooperating with their Japanese counterparts quite a bit, so the turnover of goods is impressive enough. This is why we believe there are more emergency claims to come,’ the Chamber reports.

The analysts encourage the troubled companies to inform them of the problems as soon as possible so as not to miss their contractual deadlines and avoid contractors’ claims in the future.

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