MMK reduces emissions by 8,200 tons

2 March 2011 (09:40)

The company’s existing environmental program provided for thirty-five ‘green’ measures targeted at reducing and preventing the company’s environmental impact. Ten more measures will be carried onto this year.

Among the company’s most important environmental efforts are the construction of the new close cycle water supply system; a unit of cleaning facilities at CC machine 6 and out-of-furnace steel treatment unit; the construction of a gas purification and a gas exhaust tract at CC machine 6; the reclamation of a slime pit of the company’s ore mining and processing unit; the construction of the first section of the hazardous wastes disposal facility.

MMK emitted 8,200 tons fewer harmful substances in the air of Magnitogorsk in 2010 compared with the year 2009. However, the steel and metal goods outputs went up by 18.7% and 17%, respectively.

97.3% of the water the company used last year came from recycled water. The amount of scrap metal and other wastes used as raw materials went up by 6.4% and amounted to 2.182 million tons. The amount of recycled slag rose by 32.75% and reached 9.152 million tons.

All in all, the company spent 2,239,600,000 RUR on conservational activity, including 1,3733bn RUR invested in the construction of new ‘green’ facilities and the reconstruction of the older ones.

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