MMK Implements 39 Green Projects in 2012

16 January 2013 (09:44)

January 16, 2013. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) implemented 39 conservation projects within the framework of its Environmental Program for 2012; this helped the company reduce its environmental impact, the company’s press office reports.

In 2012, the specific water pollutants discharge was reduced by 28% (down to 10.4 kg per ton of metal goods), while the specific air pollutants discharge went down by 2.3% (down to 19.96 kg per ton of metal goods). What is more, MMK keeps on implementing its depleted pits reclamation program: last year, 10.2m tons of worth of waste was recycled. In fact, using the smelter slag recycling facility meant that 2.5m tons of industrial waste were re-used in metallurgical production last year.

MMK manages steadily to reduce its environmental impact through building new technological facilities that are fit with a full range of ‘green’ equipment. For one, the cold-roll mill was launched at Sheet-Rolling Department 11 at the same time as the pickling acid recycling unit, the lubricating and cooling fluid unit, and the effluents neutralization unit where the waste water is purified with the help of mechanical, electrocatalytic, and biological treatment apparatuses. Besides, some dust-catching units and the water analytical control lab were launched as well.

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