Ural Airlines project wins architects’ contest

The project of Ural Airlines’ new office building won in Golden Capital, the country-wide architects and designers contest. Yekaterinburg-based In.Form, already known for its public buildings projects, won the gold prize with its project for Ural Airlines in the Public Interiors category.

The All-Russian festival was attended by 108 companies from nine Russian cities: Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, and others. The event coordinators reports projects of greatest quality were featured there, the best ones throughout the festival’s fifteen years of existence. Virtually all the projects interested the professional observers greatly.

The five-storey building for the air carrier is shaped like a sky-blue airplane wing. The sky theme is further accentuated in the design of the interior, with propeller-shaped lamps on every floor, cloud-like couches in the halls, and a glass dome in the reception area on the last floor. The wall panels are finished in wood to make the whole place look more solemn to suit the conservative tastes of the company’s top management. The building itself is conveniently located in the vicinity of Koltsovo Airport. The total area of the HQ comes to 8,400 sq m.

The building was put up quite quickly: the foundation was laid in February 2008 and the opening ceremony took place as soon as December 2010.

‘The building is now used in all the ways it was designed for: the working area, the recreation place, conference rooms, the cafeteria and the negotiation rooms are all being used by the staff. This is why coordinating the work processes is now a very smooth task,’ the company says.

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