TNK-Nyagan pays fine

The daughter enterprise of TNK-BP TNK-Nyagan was made by the court to pay a fine of 3.3m RUR for damage to and extermination of soil on the area of 1 hectare.

Rosprirodnadzor (the state environmental watchdog) carried an inspection of the company in 2009 and detected that in 2004 a strip of forest on the licensed land allotment that TNK-Nyagan had been using was contaminated with mineral oil. The agency estimated that, under the existing Forestry Code, the company was to have provided for the technological and biological reclamation of soil, but none of this ever happened. This is why Rosprirodnadzor ordered the company to follow the rules and to pay 4.6m RUR worth of damage.

TNK-Nyagan did not meet the agency’s requirements, so the latter took the case to court. Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region Arbitration Court partially sustained the claim.

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