MMK designs and launches new steels

18 January 2011 (09:18)

A new class of high-strength, ultra low-carbon micro-alloyed hot-dip-galvanised steel was launched at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) recently. The new steel is targeted at a wide consumer audience.

The product, which was designed at MMK in cooperation with I.P. Bardin Central Scientific Research Institute of Ferrous Metals Federal State Unitary Enterprise, was given Metal Expo 2010 International Exhibition’s gold medal.

‘High-strength steel has both great strength and paste forming properties. A kind of steel is classified as being high-strength if its yield limit comes to 210 MPa or more, up to 800 MPa or even 1,200 MPa. This impressive strength variation range ensures a wide assortment of both the high-strength steel kinds that are already being used or are being developed,’ MMK reports.

Currently used high-strength steels enjoy demand within the car-making and household appliances industries. The enterprise says the use of high-strength metal products in automobile production makes cars safer as well as lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient.

What is more, high-strength rolled metal goods are currently becoming increasingly popular with the building industry that employs them, for example, for making heavy-duty pieces.

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