MMK masters new car steels

2 August 2014 (12:02)

August 2, 2014. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) keeps working on new, promising kinds of steel meant for car and car parts manufacturers, the company’s press service reports.

The enterprise has already tried making 1.2mm rolled stock successfully and is planning to make some pilot batches of 2.0mm rolled stock on its continuous hot-dip galvanizing line and on its continuous annealing/hot-dip galvanizing line at Rolling Mill 11. MMK intends to present this stock to customers so that they can carry out their internal tests which are necessary for approval and further use of the product for new car makes.

The up-to-date machinery of the Rolling Mill 11 cold-rolling unit makes it possible to get the steels of necessary strength grade and outstanding quality of surface treatment.

In the nearest future, MMK expects to master the production of cold-rolled and zinc-coated rolled stock from NST600X steel (DP high-strength steel). These products are mostly meant for fortifying car frames. The company is also planning to master the production of DP1000 and of the promising TRIP steels.

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